"Cam has really grown not only as a player, but also as a person with the support and help of Dr. Rick Neff. We knew how important it was for him to develop a growth mindset and positive thinking when it comes to basketball, so we were pleased with the work Dr. Neff did with him. This game is 90% mental, so we would remiss if we did not place a primary focus on further developing his mind/thinking."  -Bob Reddish, Father of Cam Reddish - 2018 #2 Recruit

"Dr. Neff has truly been a blessing for Cam. He has helped him develop positive pre-game habits as well as positive self-talk that have translated onto the floor. As a mom, it has been comforting to know that Cam has the opportunity to process things that take place on and off the court with Dr. Neff. He's come to rely on that---we all have!! Dr. Neff has been there to support him--from his high school games to McDonald's All-American and Jordan Brand Classic Games to graduation! Thanks for everything Dr. Neff! We will see you at Duke!  -Zanthia Reddish, Mother of Cam Reddish

"Doc has worked with me since 11th grade to understand that my mind is the most important muscle to train. We've done so many mental exercises that have helped me improve my skills and play on the court. Mental training is necessary to become the best play you can be. Getting "Neff'd' as we called it (put through visualization and mindfulness exercises) is something I always looked forward too. Always ready to go after that!"  -Lonnie Walker IV - McDonald's All-American, Jordan Brand Classic All-American - University of Miami All-ACC Freshman Team - Projected 2018 Lottery Pick

"Mental Training is a huge part of my success on the court and Dr. Rick Neff has helped me reach those untapped mental capabilities to help me gain that edge." -Gavin Schilling - Michigan State Spartans