" Train Your Mind"                                                                                      "Mind Right, Game Tight"
                                  "Play With Emotion And Don't Allow Emotion To Play You." 



The key to becoming the best athlete you can be and setting yourself apart from the competition is training your mind. Dr. Neff helps athletes set themselves apart through his Neck-Up Training Program™.

Mental strength training brings physical results yet mental strength training for sports is often overlooked and underestimated until a case of the "yips," sets in. Athletes today are heavily focused on running more, lifting more, and throwing more, but are not training their minds as much as they should. Mental reps are just as important as physical reps to tap into greatness. Gaining a mental edge on the field or court through understanding how the mind impacts performance allows athletes and teams to feel in control. Understanding present focused play through the use of mindfulness and positive psychology will help players perform with confidence and take their game to the next level.  

Dr. Neff, a current competitive CrossFit athlete, former three sport athlete in high school, and former college baseball player, uses his in depth knowledge and the latest research in sports psychology, mindfulness, positive psychology, and mental skills training to develop an individualized approach for each athlete, team or coach he works with. Dr. Neff has athletes view him as a, "Mental Strength Coach," or the "Neck Up Coach," in the development of their overall game.

Dr. Neff's Neck-Up Training Program™ allows athletes to quickly relate to concepts and understand how to improve their play. These sports psychology and mental skills strategies improve present focus and concentration in a game and practice to elevate play and eliminate repetitive sports performance issues. Once an athlete understands the impact the mind has on sports, "good-to-great" often follows. These skills also carry over into academics, work, relationships, and overall well-being. 

If a sports performance issue is clinically based, Dr. Neff has the clinical background to assist.

Dr. Neff has also successfully worked with and help develop elite athletes and teams in the following sports: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Wrestling, Lacrosse, Softball, Track & Field, Golf, Tennis, Swimming, Powerlifting, CrossFit, and Motocross.

Dr. Neff is the Sports Psychology Consultant and Mental Skills Development Coach for 100% Hoops, LLC, owned by world renowned basketball skills development trainer Christopher Thomas (CT), based in Carmel, Indiana. CT works with elite NBA, College, & High School basketball players and is a trainer for the NBA Pre-Draft, NBA Player International Tours (LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant), Nike Basketball Camps both nationally & internationally, Maya Moore Basketball Academies, Jordan Brand, John Lucas Camps, Boo Williams Camps, and many more.

Dr. Neff is the Sport Psychology Consultant and Mental Strength Coach for MaxOut Strength Studio located in Royersford, Pa. MaxOut believes in building mind, body, and spirit in student-athletes. MaxOut works with youth, high school, collegiate, and professional players and teams.

Dr. Neff is also the Sports Psychology Consultant and Mental Strength Coach for Point Blank Period, a basketball skills development company based in Berks County. Coach Jeff Sparrow is the owner and head skills development coach. Coach Sparrow's team of coaches include former college basketball players, current college basketball coaches, current professional basketball player and former Siena College All-American Alex Franklin, and Villanova Hall of Famer and former Arizona Cardinal Clarence Curry.

Dr. Neff also serves as the Sports Psychology Consultant and Mental Strength Coach for Reading High School Boys Basketball.

Dr. Neff is the exclusive Sports Psychology Consultant for Berks Elite Training; Berks County's #1 Athletic Training Facility. Berks Elite Training serves athletes at all levels from elementary through professional.


Reading High School Red Knights

Developing Mindfulness Skills with
Reading High School Boys Basketball Players
With Lonnie Walker IV PIAA State Championship
Pottstown P.R.I.D.E. Youth Basketball Organization
Reading Boys Basketball PIAA 6A 2016-2017
State Champions

"Dr. Neff has helped me realize the power the mind has on sports performance. Dr. Neff really helped me overcome my performance anxiety and rebuild my confidence. I am now back to playing really great baseball and even made an elite travel team. I work on my mind a lot more now."   -S.P.

"Dr. Neff provided R Reading High basketball team with another level of awareness that truly benefited R teams growth. His attention to the mental aspects of the game revolving around mental, spiritual, and environmental awareness gave us an edge that we firmly believe attributed to R District Championship and first PIAA Semi-Final appearance in 33 years in 2016 and the schools first boys basketball state championship in 2017. These lessons proved beneficial both on and off the court. We look forward to our continued work and growth with Dr. Neff, he has been amazing!"  -Rick Perez, Head Basketball Coach Reading High School

"Dr. Neff helped our team refocus our minds and helped us concentrate on the 'little things' that help good teams stay together during adverse moments in competition. He made us realize that yes you need talented players to compete in the game of basketball, but it is even more important for EVERYONE on the team to have the same mindset and confidence to perform at a high level that will set you apart from your opponents." -Scott Palladino former Pottsgrove High School Boys Basketball Head Coach, Current Magisterial District Judge, Founder & Executive Director of Pottstown P.R.I.D.E. a Youth Development Organization. 

"I mentally trained with Dr. Neff for this upcoming college soccer season. I feel more prepared and excited than I ever have before!" -M.M.

                                                   "Everything is an inner game. Pure performance starts with the mind.                                                      What's in and on your mind determines how well you perform."

- George Mumford