Neck-Up Training™ is a proactive approach to developing an elite mindset. Neck-Up Training provides essential sports psychology skills to enhance physical development. The mind-body connection is often overlooked until performance drops. This approach provides athletes a series of mental skills to continuously practice and refine to reach and maintain a high level of play. Neck-Up Training requires effort and practice just like physical skills development. Just like you do not stop physical conditioning or skills development, mental skills training does not end. Continuous practice and fine tuning of the techniques through check-in sessions will create automatic mental reflex that will help you stay in control of your performance at all times both in the game and in life.

In-Person or FaceTime/Skype Sessions Available

Yearly Player/Team Retainer: Call To Discuss Plans

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A highly interactive and engaging way to learn mental skills and techniques to better understand the importance of mental training. Pricing for team and staff training is dependent upon participants, location, and number of sessions. Each package is built separately to meet the individual needs of a team or staff. Please contact Dr. Neff directly to discuss pricing options.

  • Neuroscience of Mind-Body
  • Fertilization of the Mind
  • Mindfulness, Flow, Zone
  • Habits & Single-Mindedness
  • Confidence is an Action
  • 5 Pillars of Grit Mentality
  • Patience vs. Impatience
  • Creating Your Own Competition
  • Dreams & Goal Setting
  • The Right People
  • Motivation
  • Controlling the Jitters
  • Sports Injuries Mental Rehab
  • Chasing Excellence
  • And Many More....



Payment is expected at time of service unless otherwise agreed upon. Invoices can be created and emailed for your convenience to pay by credit card. Forms of payment accepted are: Cash, Credit Card and Personal Check made payable to "Inner-Edge, LLC."



Inner-Edge, LLC is not in network with insurance companies. All services are fee-for-service.