David is an elite mental performance coach, helping athletes achieve peak performance in their respective sport. David has worked with top junior athletes across Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. David has a proven track record of being able to connect with athletes in helping them understand the importance the mind plays in performance. David also believes in teaching players the neuroscience behind performance. David places emphasis on the use of imagery, effective goal setting, motivation, confidence, along with many other sport specific techniques to help athletes reach peak performance.

David was a nationally ranked tennis player in high school and college, and represented the United States on both a national and international level for many years. David also served as team captain for the teams he competed on. David specializes in working with the mindset of tennis and golf athletes, but has also proven to be effective in working with athletes in soccer, swimming, track & field, baseball, basketball, wrestling, field hockey, gymnastics, lacrosse, and football. David has worked with athletes at all levels from youth to professional.

David received his Master of Science Degree in Sports Psychology from Capella University and his Bachelor's Degree in Health Science from The University of Sciences in Philadelphia. David's work experience includes working at Courtsense, a high-performance tennis training center, where he taught tennis skills and worked with players on the mental side of the game. David has also been a high school tennis coach for many years.

Please contact David directly to schedule:

email: david@inner-edge.com

Phone: 215-280-7746 or 610-850-3005

Rate: $95.00 for 60 minute Session

          $55.00 for 30 minute Session

           Rate applies for in person and FaceTime or Skype Sessions

David Kazakevich, M.S.